How to Troubleshoot Your Electric Water Heater

Sometimes things happen that require us homeowners to put in a little more extra work than usual. One of those things may be repairing or trying to figure out how to fix your electric water heater. While this might seem like an overtly challenging idea, carefully examining the issue and following a simple list of recommended fixes actually can solve it. Our expert crew at Handyman Connection of Austin has put together a few tips and recommendations to help you troubleshoot and fix your faulty electric water heater.

Electric heaters are fairly similar to gas heaters as both use insulated storage tanks specifically designed to help reduce heat loss of the heated water. One difference between the two is that electric heaters use both an upper and lower heating component. This is important to remember as you try to troubleshoot your electric heater. The great thing about electric heaters is that they are extremely reliable, and when the time comes for a repair, they are usually fairly simple and easy to make.                         

If you are not getting any hot water and are noticing that the water isn’t heating up, it could be caused from a lack of power like a tripped circuit or from faulty heating elements. If this is the case, there are a few ways to go about fixing the issue.

  •      Try resetting the circuit breaker associated with the heater.
  •      Check the upper heating element, and if it’s not functioning properly, replace it. The lower heating element is likely not the issue, as the water is not delivered to the top of the tank, so the lower heating element wouldn’t solve your problem. The upper heating element could as it is used when a lot of hot water is being used.
  •      You might need to replace a fuse that has possibly blown.
  •      Test out the thermostat and do a quick check to make sure that power is circulating and traveling to the heater correctly.
  •      If none of these solutions work, you likely have a larger issue and will need to continue examining the heater or by calling a professional inspector.

Another issue you might run into is hearing consistent noises like rumbling noise. It could be caused from the sound of boiling water, or buildup in the tank. The buildup could cause overheating and more extensive damage to the tank. If you’re noticing a noise, try fixing the issue by trying to flush out the water heater. This is recommended to do periodically to help maintain the integrity and efficiency of the heater. You can flush it out by following a few simple steps, but you’ll want to be sure you follow the steps associated with your specific electric water heater. Sometimes the process can vary depending on the size, type, and style. Be sure to check with your instruction guide and/or your heater provider. You can also contact professionals to help do the job for you.

At Handyman Connection of Austin, our goal is to help make your house a home. If you have questions about other problems with your electric water heater, give our expert crew a call.

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