Effective Tips to Create a Child-Friendly Home

As your family gets bigger and your kids develop their own unique needs, your home will have to change to accommodate them. While you don’t need to invest in major renovations, a few smart additions and design alterations will make your home a safe retreat for your children.

Whether you have toddlers or little four-year olds, Handyman Connection of Austin can help childproof your home to make it a safer and more enjoyable environment for your kids. Here are some great ideas to make your living spaces child-friendly:

  • Install Safety Gates Around – Making your home child-friendly means making it as safe as possible for your kids to move around. You can do this by installing safety gates around accident-prone areas, such as the kitchen and stairways. By putting wall-mounted gates in place at the top and bottom of the stairs, your children can avoid potential mishaps.
  • Check the Floor for Small and Sharp Objects – Children, especially those not over four years of age, can easily swallow objects, such as pins, buttons, and coins. These items can also wound your kids when left on the floor. To prevent such incidents, be sure to clean your flooring often to get rid of these hazardous objects. In addition, you can use big pillows on the floor as part of your decor, giving your room a cozy look while making the floor safer for children to play on.
  • Create an Outdoor Play Area – It’s natural for children to play in the backyard. It gives them the opportunity to turn their attention away from gadgets and just enjoy some healthy fun under the sun. As parents, though, it’s your duty to make sure their time outdoors remains safe. A smart solution would be setting up their activity equipment in a spot where you can supervise them while completing your household chores.
  • Keep Dangerous Products Out of Their Reach – They include cleaning supplies, insecticides, and other products with harmful chemicals. It’s always best to keep these products in a high cabinet rather than under the sink. When placing them under the sink, be sure to use a childproof lock on the cabinet door.

Have you thought of some areas in your home that could use a little modification to keep your children safe? Handyman Connection of Austin can install all types of child-safe features to ensure your kids’ safety. To learn more about our maintenance and installation services, you can call us or complete our request form. We’ll be happy to give you a free project consultation and estimate.

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